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Principalline is an international forwarding and freight company which was founded in 1989 by Georgios Tamiolakis. It is a privately held company based in Athens, Greece.

For more than 30 years, Principalline has strived to serve its customers providing international forwarding services of the highest quality while ensuring prompt product delivery. The company’s value-added services provide its customers with a safe, timely and effective transfer of their goods from one point to another.



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Principalline forwards goods internationally with a primary focus on transports between Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland. With its vast network of partners and its customer-focused approach, Principalline provides reliability, cost-effectiveness and safety to its customers’ supply chain.


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Principalline is an international freight forwarder; it offers its services via leased trucks  from its partners – primarily Italsempione.

Full trucks are delivered directly to client premises! Smaller loads delivered to Athens are sent to the premises of our warehousing partner – Linardakis – and then distributed to clients.

With Principalline, you can relax and focus on your business. We’ll take care of insurance, customs and currency procedures, guaranteeing you the utmost security and reliability. Our partners are ISO 9001 and Full AEO certified.

The power of the network allows us to effectively deliver goods across Europe. Our main markets for deliveries include Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland. Our main forwarding partner, Italsempione is a member of System Alliance Europe, a network of agents and partners across Europe.

We guarantee departures to and from Greece with a standard transit time of 24 – 48 – 72 hours, offering specialised know-how for all sectors of industry.


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