Principalline’s significant network and experience facilitate cost-effective, reliable and customizable maritime transports globally.

The company partners with major shipping firms, covering the full spectrum of maritime transportation services, in view of meeting the needs of our customers across the globe.

Easy & Convenient

Principalline deals with all the details of the transporation of your goods, while you focus on your core business.

Efficient & Cost-effective

Principalline assists you in sourcing the optimal method to transport your goods taking into consideration time, safety and cost.


  • Full Container Loads (FCL).

    Our maritime partners handle (along with the issuance of the BLs) the movement of all types of closed containers (20 ‘DV, 40′ DV, 40′ High Cube, Reefer) and open-ended (20′ Open Top, 40’ Open Top, Flat Rack).

  • Less Container Loads (LCL) – Groupage.

    The transportation (import and export) of a less than full container (pallets, cartons, boxes, big bags or bulk cargo in an appropriate and secure packaging).

  • Temperature-controlled Loads.

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Special Solutions

Principalline handles all kinds of cargos (special deliveries) under all trade terms (Door-to-Door, Ex-F, C & F, FOB, CIF, FAS).